Unleash Your Career: Exploring the Benefits of Working in the Events Industry

The events industry is booming all year round creating exciting opportunities for individuals who are looking for a career with a difference. It’s a market that thrives on the hustle and bustle of crowds, creating memorable experiences and maintaining high customer satisfaction. Whether you’ve got your heart set on a future in event planning or want a part-time job to fit around your studies, there are many advantages to why this field is a first choice for many.

Flexibility and variety

It’s true what they say about an event management company or the hospitality industry as a whole in that no two days are ever the same. One minute you’re at high-profile events at Twickenham Stadium serving ciders to rugby fans and the next you’re dishing out delicious food at the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. You’ll be amongst the action from dawn to dusk where each hour differs from the rest. Being on the ground as a member of the bar staff or catering team provides a chance to be flexible around other commitments such as studying if you’re at university whilst looking for casual work, temporary summer positions or weekend jobs.

New experiences

An interest in the events, catering and hospitality market means that your passion and enthusiasm will shine through when dealing with customers. You’ll be buzzing from the fast-paced nature of working at prestigious venues and will take away experiences that you’ll look back on with fondness. It’s a rewarding job because you’re bringing a vital service to event goers and making them smile along the way.

Challenging problem-solving work

It’s no secret that the events industry will keep you on your toes – as with any job there are always plenty of positives and ways you can add personality to the team. You won’t be afraid of long hours or hard work and will face challenges that will demonstrate your quick-thinking mindset and ability to tackle issues as they come your way. Working under pressure will become second nature as will the need to multi-task and take on several requests at one time. Over time you’ll certainly notice how much you have improved and how much you’ve grown as an individual.

Range of different skills to learn

One of the best benefits of the hospitality environment is the number of different skills you learn on the job. From attention to detail to customer service, numeracy, problem-solving, communication and administration, you’ll soon develop a large number of qualities that can be utilised in other roles. Plus, many companies including Freemans Event Partners provide leading training to make sure you’re up to speed in no time. It also presents the chance to gain additional qualifications if you’re keen to move up the events ladder to be a team leader or other options such as event planner, part of a team working on the planning stages of a product launch or event manager. The skills you’ll learn working at live venues put you in good stead for opportunities not just in the hospitality industry but wider afield too as they are easily transferable on many levels. There are lots of ways to progress your career working in events.

Social aspect

You’re never alone at an event because you’ll always work as part of a team, getting hands-on experience where you’re able to assist your colleagues, build each other up and relish in those fun times that make the day even more enjoyable. These shared experiences make you feel like a work family where teamwork is key in enhancing the customer experience.

What Freemans Event Partners can offer?

At Freemans Event Partners we’re proud of our heritage in enhancing live events and making a positive difference to sports fans, festival goers and families alike who are looking for great food and drink options as part of their memorable day out. We want our team members to feel valued, that is why we pay over minimum wage, provide refreshments whilst on duty and offer great opportunities to work at leading venues to suit your availability. Not only is it a fitting way to develop your career and skillset, but it’s also a great way to make lasting impressions for our customers whilst being part of a dedicated, fun and vibrant team.

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