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Contactless phone payment

Connectivity & Payment Solutions FOR EVENTS AND FESTIVALS

We make everything run like clockwork and excel in providing specialist and recognised EPOS, MPOS, card payment facilities.


No challenge is too complicated for us; whether you’re in a venue where Wi-Fi is within reach, or in t...


Renowned as an industry leader in providing connectivity infrastructure, our solutions are fully integrated and PCI compliant. They are designed to your every request to maximise revenue with fast and secure transactions, using an easy-to-operate ...

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Card Terminal User Guide


Upgrade your payment solution over your whole event calendar

Rent our PAX A920 terminals for £18 monthly contract


  • Fast Transaction Speed: Get through queues at peak times more quickly, boosting revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Tried and Tested: Established solution test...
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We are proud to support and service world-renowned clients and partners


Over our 45-year history, we’ve partnered with and experienced hundreds of events. We have extensive experience in providing card machine hire for events.


We know how important it is to have an easy-to-use and flexible EPOS so...

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We keep you and your customers online at all times by connecting our EPOS, MPOS and PDQ technology with thousands of miles of cables, touch points and network switches every year, ensuring that green field sites and event venues have sustainable c...

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We’d love to introduce you to the latest edition to our hardware portfolio. Meet the PAX A920 – the perfect mobile payment solution at all our events.


The PAX can be used as a standalone PDQ via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth...

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PCI Level 1 Service Provider

Our Technologies division is committed to ensuring all transactions made through our EPOS, MPOS and PDQ payment solutions are reliable and secure for businesses and consumers alike.


When businesses work with us, they can rest ...

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Why Choose Freemans Event Partners?

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Over 45 years’ event experience

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Real-time stock management

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Bespoke tech solutions delivered by our professional team

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Full data analysis and reporting

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Site-wide connectivity including cashless events

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Exceptional support both on and off site

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Real-time, powerful and reliable operating systems

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Offline payment functionality and contactless payment

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PCI compliant, meaning transactions are fully secure

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Revenue protection services

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Added value services such as: on-site signage, queue management systems, marketing materials to drive incremental revenue

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Broad Industry Experience

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