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Event Catering

As an event catering company, we are experts in delivering high-volume quality event food and beverage retail outlets within a food-to-go environment.


We bring over 45 years’ ...

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Experts in high volume food outlets

Manage a fleet of catering outlets at your event, serving tasty food alongside exceptional customer service to event goers

Icon of a burger infront of a green background
event catering company


Our menus are flexible and can be tailored to your audience, from croque monsieur at the Ryder Cup in Paris to mac ‘n cheese and a foot-long Philly cheese dog for Major League Baseball at London Stadium. All our food outlets have dedicated gluten-...

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We are proud to support and service world-renowned clients and partners

event cateromg company


Innovation is at the heart of what we do, whether that be launching high street brands in an event environment, adapting menus to align with consumer trends and tastes or ensuring our food is cooked and served sustainably.



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We attract the likes of Coca-Cola, Unilever, Schweppes and Diageo through our unique proposition and reach. We help get millions of food and drink products into the hands of event goers each year.


We work hand-in-hand with the...

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Workforce Dining

In addition to high-volume food retail outlets at events and venues, we also provide clients with a pre-paid meal service for its workforce. We have experience in delivering meals at either temporary facilities or within...

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Operators’ Opportunities

Setting up your own business or building an outlet of your own can be financially daunting, that’s why we offer outlet partner opportunities.


By partnering with Freemans Event Partners, you will benefit from our expertise gained through 45 years as en event catering company and in the event and retail industries. We are always on the lookout for energetic entrepreneurs who want a foot on the event food and beverage ladder.


We will lease you an outlet for you to operate at events over an agreed period, from three months to three years. We have a wide range of outlets that are available to partners; from vintage H vans, to high-street branded food containers and permanent outlets at venues. Opportunities range from food and bars to coffee and ice cream; these can be independent outlets or branded outlets with the likes of Doritos and Ben & Jerry’s.


Our in-house catering team will support you with menu creation, packaging, uniform, pricing, branding and logistics. Alternatively, you can choose from our ‘ready-to-go’ brand activation outlets.


We reach millions of event goers every year through our enviable calendar of events so having a love of people is key. Our outlet partners have a passion for both the event catering industry and people; our best operators stay positive rain or shine! Whether its 5am or 5pm, your passion for delivering scrumptious food will carry through from the basics of food hygiene to the detail in your packaging and product build. In the event world, even the best laid plans don’t always work out so having a positive outlook no matter how hard it rains, is a must-have for any successful outlet partner.


We are a family business and those behaviours and values guide the way we deliver.


  • We work as one team
  • We are driven to deliver
  • We have the courage to challenge
  • We always advocate good practice
  • We have an open and honest team
  • We promote personal accountability
  • Going the extra mile is our normal


As an extension of our family, we are always there to support operators and share our industry knowledge and experience.

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Join our Catering Team

What makes our event catering company team so great? The people of course! They’re vibrant and brimming with passion and dedication.


As a family run business, our people are part of the extended Freeman family. We invite people to join us who are honest, hard-working, with a strong work ethic and most importantly, a sense of humour!


Our family values run through to our catering team at all levels and we take great pride in developing our people to enable them to be the best they can be.


We do this through offering training courses, providing rewards and incentives, and giving our team members the recognition, they deserve when they have gone over and above to deliver an exceptional service.


We offer exciting staff incentives to give them that extra drive.


Our teams all share a love and knowledge of the event industry and food-to-go trends; ideas are shared around the office, the food outlets and even on the coach to and from events by team members at all levels.


We have a variety of positions available ranging from casual summer jobs, roles to fit alongside a full-time job or roles that will allow you to grow your catering career further.


If you’d like to find out more about our catering roles and how we can fit around your lifestyle, please get in touch with us at careers@freemanseventpartners.co.uk.

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