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The Objective

Freemans Event Partners worked with KitKat to sample 60,000 of their new 4 Finger KitKat Orange to consumers with an aim to drive brand awareness and sales uplift in nearby stores.

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man handing out kitkat samples

3x City Centres

The samplings took place over February half term in Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff city centres, in some of the busiest streets with the highest footfall. Even Storm Eunice didn’t stop the energetic team from delivering!


A hu...

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members of the public in KitKat selfie frame

The Solution

The team branded up a 4×4 vehicle, including a personalised number plate!


Uniforms were provided for the sampling team consisting of a branded coat, satchel, and bright orange hat.


Passers-by enjoyed ...

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man sampling kitkat orange

The Results

The new 4 Finger KitKat Orange received great feedback from consumers on the streets of Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff due to it’s great taste and stand out branding!


  • 60,000 KitKat Orange sampled over t...
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