Card Terminals

PDQ terminals are the credit card machines used to take electronic payment at the point of sale. Consumers are increasingly asking to pay by card and our Technologies team have the tools and the expertise to bring the very latest in card payment technology to your outlet and event.

There are many advantages to our card payment technology.

  • Payments can be processed in just 18-30 seconds – even quicker when using Contactless technology.
  • Around 25-40% of transactions are made on card.
  • Consumers spend on average 33% more by card than by paying with cash.

We can supply Wi-Fi-enabled PDQ terminals, capable of chip and pin and contactless transactions on long- and short-term rental agreements. We have a range including:

  • Standalone card terminals
  • Integrated card terminals
  • Mobile GPRS terminals

Short term rentals, from 1-3 months, are an easy way to trial a new PDQ system before committing to a long-term agreement. Our long-term rentals are a much more cost-effective way to ensure you are ready to take card payments at all times, with 36-month contracts available. We can often turn requests around on extremely short lead times.

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