The Concessions division is responsible for managing our major event contracts to provide a fully inclusive public food and beverage offering for the entire event. This is often across large sites; the scale of our operation has to be seen to be believed! For example, year on year, we successfully coordinate the entire public catering for a 300,000-strong crowd at the F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, encompassing over 200 outlets.

We can offer a one-stop-shop for event organisers, sourcing and installing everything from the catering provision itself, to providing site fencing, furniture, décor, entertainment, power and installation of food courts. We can also arrange connectivity across a site and provide top end technology, including PDQ card machines and EPOS tills, through our Technologies division.

Through our Logistics division, we can also implement an on-site wholesale store, taking the whole end-to-end process into our capable hands for our clients.

With a large database of hand-picked Concessionaires, we can tailor food provision to your specific event. We only work with the best, so guarantee excellent quality whether it’s traditional British food-to-go, artisan delights, gourmet coffee or bohemian street food. Our Event Managers will work with you to create a bespoke guest experience through the food and drink offering at your event.

From festivals to agricultural shows, and NFL American Football to prestigious golfing tournaments, Freemans Event Partners can deliver your entire event concession requirements, just as you want things to be.

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