Perfect Fit: Five Events Careers That Align with Your Skillset

A dynamic environment that is bolstered by great people, the events industry has much to offer when it comes to career opportunities. From casual work to event planning and team leaders, each and every person part of the operation makes a difference to those they are supporting and serving. But what are the qualities an individual needs to work in this field and what positions are available to match your skillset? From bar crew to catering teams, on-site technicians, concessions teams and those who work at head office to ensure a smooth transition from start to finish at all events and locations, there is much to offer.

The events industry

From sporting events to concerts, festivals and the like, as fans and attendees, we all look forward to a memorable time. Part of that experience is what food and drink are on offer to enhance our outing even more. Event staff are the lifeblood that runs through events and makes them a success from start to finish. We relish in great experiences with food vendors, appreciate speedy service, and walk away complimenting how well-executed an event has been – so much so that we want to come back again! Companies such as Freemans Event Partners pride themselves on providing fantastic customer service and flawless outcomes to keep everyone highly satisfied. There are a number of different roles across the board that make this possible.

Jobs within the events industry

Head Office – Individuals and teams bring together their event management skills in order to plan and organise a vast number of events across the UK at a range of prestigious venues. It’s the role of those who work at head office to be the glue that holds all event operations together from those stocking the bars to those serving hot and cold food. From event planner to account and project manager, each position plays an important responsibility for every event organised to be a success.

Bar Crew – Delivering the best event drinks service to customers, the bar crew are hardworking and enthusiastic people who bring fun and personality to an event. These roles in particular can be fulfilled alongside your day job or university studies.

Catering Team – No longer just serving up traditional event food, catering has seen an explosion of variety and tastes to suit all styles and preferences. You’ll be part of a team that demonstrates attention to detail and ensures that the customers are fulfilled.

On-Site Tech – With improved technology throughout events across the UK and the need for contactless payments, on-site technicians provide solutions for communication and interactive services for events with a range of temporary equipment and networks. Your expertise in this area enables our teams to carry out orders like clockwork and for our customers to have a seamless experience.

Concessions Team – Providing a first-class service for clients across a range of events and being part of the planning and execution process. Successful event managers work alongside the concessions team to provide what events require and need in order to run smoothly.

What skills are required?

There are a number of attributes that can be applied to each and every position within the events industry. From time management skills to communication skills, problem-solving skills to organisational skills, they all have a place across the entire company. Whether you’re part of the concessions team who are building relationships, bar staff that needs to multi-task multiple requests, catering teams that can tackle challenges with ease, or part of the head office workforce that helps plan and organise each event, these assets are important and can be transferable to different roles not just within the hospitality industry but wider afield too.

Ready for an exciting new career?

Whether you’re keen to develop your experience to work towards a career in event management, searching for casual work as event staff to fit around studying, or looking for weekend work, Freemans Event Partners have plenty to offer. It’s our mission to enhance the customer experience and we do so by bringing on board dedicated, hard-working and passionate individuals who share the same aims whilst having fun. We offer fantastic working conditions, above-minimum wage pay, the opportunity to gain additional qualifications and the chance to work at some of the biggest venues around the UK. No two days are ever the same and our success lies in what we achieve collectively as a team. Our strong work ethic runs throughout the company all year round as we bring a high level of customer satisfaction to some of the most exciting events of the year. You’ll be rewarded with incentives and an environment where you’ll feel part of the Freemans Event Partners’ work family. Time to take on a dynamic role with a driven team? Keep posted on our website and social media for updates.

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