Elevating Your Event Concessions Experience

Why it’s Important to Tailor Your Event Concessions

Food & beverage plays a huge role in the customer experience at events. To create a truly memorable experience for your event, it is essential the food & beverage offering appeals to the event goers.  If you tailor your event concessions you will take your event to the next level. Food and beverages are the key to unlocking memories, so the event concessions you make available to your attendees is important in creating an unforgettable experience. 

It’s a part of the overall immersion of the event. It’s why we serve Heineken in a high volume environment such as Formula 1, and why we serve Pimm’s and afternoon tea at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and Burghley Horse Trials. Most attendees will already have some connotations in mind of what concessions should be available, since catering is the backbone of events there will already be some flavour profiles associated.

What are the Considerations for Your Audience?

There are two main things to consider when choosing the concessions for your event.

Dietary Requirements
The first point to consider is the dietary requirements of your attendees. When hosting a large event with hundreds of thousands of guests, ensuring everyone’s dietary needs are met is an essential task. It’s important to consider the range of dietary needs that may need catering to. Does your event have vegan or vegetarian options? Gluten free options? The food isn’t just about keeping everyone full, it’s about sharing the experience and being sure that all of your audience is catered to.

Target Demographics
The second point to consider is target demographics. Earlier, we mentioned how Pimm’s and Burghley Horse Trials are served together, however there’s a whole range of food served; afternoon tea, deli style food and of course, strawberries and cream. People who enjoy the Burghley Horse Trials will have come to expect these options.

When Freemans Event Partners transformed the fan zones at Wembley Stadium for the NFL Jaguars Vs Broncos game, the international crowd was considered when curating the food & drink line up. Our concessions team worked to deliver popular American street food items like hot dogs, Mexican tacos, chicken wings and doughnuts. Our Catering division worked to develop bespoke menus, reflecting the taste of America.

In the same vein, you want to approach your beverage concession with a similar focus. Consider the fact not everybody wants an alcoholic drink, not everyone wants a super sugary soft drink. Your target demographics might be expecting premium options across the board. Is the event outside in winter? Then a large option of hot and mulled drinks will be highly welcomed. A curated variety will ensure your event stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The main takeaway from a tailored food and beverage fare is an inclusive, personalised experience that people will remember because they didn’t have to go hungry or they weren’t limited in their options. You’ll encourage repeat custom and vital positive word-of-mouth among event attendees because they know it won’t be a struggle to find options, so they could enjoy the event in the same way as everybody else.

See What Freemans Event Partners Can Do For Your Next Event

We understand the need for the right food and beverage options that we explore an event’s target demographic and take that into account when working with well-established names in the food and drink industry, such as Coca Cola, Diageo, and Moet & Chandon. Freemans Event Partners are well-experienced in creating unforgettable memories by maximising our engaged and vetted catering community to deliver tailored concessions for truly remarkable events.  

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