Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Sends Heartfelt Thanks to Pied Piper for New Scanner

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The first of its kind in the county, the Pied Piper Appeal has purchased a brand new, advanced cardiovascular ultrasound machine for the Children’s Centre Outpatients department in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, costing £79,000.

This impressive machine represents the latest technology in heart scanning and is used to perform echos (echocardiograms), which are ultrasounds of the heart. Echos form an important part in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with congenital heart disease and acquired heart conditions. The Vivid E90 is a top of the range 2D cardiovascular ultrasound system that will help to reduce non-diagnostic examinations and overall patient cost of care.

Commenting on the new scanner Professor Robert Tulloh, from the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and Bristol Heart Institute said: “Up to now, each week over 24 children have had to travel down the M5 to see me and my team in Bristol for scans and second echos. Now we can deliver this service at the point of patient care in Gloucestershire. This amazing new scanner will dramatically improve the imaging quality and therefore completeness and accuracy of the diagnosis.”

“This will greatly enhance the service the department can provide to Gloucestershire families and is part of an on-going project to improve our Paediatric Cardiac services, as part of the new Southwest and South Wales Network,” Tulloh added.

The new machine is future-proofed, with leading-edge technology enabling a very clear, crisp picture on the screen.

Fundraising becomes very real when a needy and worthwhile project is identified and gives the fundraisers a target to aim at. The Pied Piper Appeal needed to raise a staggering £79,000 to fund the new children’s cardiac scanner and Hardwicke-based event & catering firm, Freemans Event Partners, were up for the challenge. From cake sales, to non-stop Cotswold Way running, non-stop cycling to Paris and now the company’s Christmas Raffle, the team has successfully raised the full amount. Fund raising is still continuing with the festive raffle which closes before Christmas at noon on Thursday 22nd December.

Freemans Event Partners director, John Freeman said: “A big thank you goes to all of our staff for their passion, endeavor and achievement! Because we’re a local business, it’s important to us to support our community. We’re delighted to have raised a record amount for such a wonderful cause. The new monitor will save children being taken to Bristol Royal for monitoring and the staff at Gloucestershire Royal could not wait for this facility to be available in the county where it is needed. The team are so proud to support those who do an amazing job of transforming the lives of sick and disabled children in Gloucestershire.”

Chairman for the Pied Piper, Nick Broady said: “Already discussions are happening with regard to additional clever software that will allow heart scans to be sent electronically to Professor Tulloh for fast and remote review and diagnosis, delivering a more efficient process and improved care. This, along with further requirements for the ongoing operational costs, will require a bit more fund raising support from the fantastic Freemans Event Partners team! They are great friends and supporters of our charity and are targeting to smash last year’s raffle amount.”

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