We’re going green in 2018

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As event venues and festival organisers strive to reduce their plastics, we are working closely with our suppliers to ensure we support our event and venue partners in their mission to become more environmentally friendly.

To that end, we are now using only wooden cutlery across all our catering outlets, to ensure we are reducing our waste across all our partner sites.

In addition, we are now serving our hot beverages in cups that have been made in the UK, plus they’re fully recyclable too. A reduction in air miles and landfill waste – a win/win situation!

Our cups:

We’re proud to announce that our unbranded cups are made in the UK and have therefore travelled less than 199 miles to get to us. Compare this to the 5,000 air miles they would be travelling if sourced from Asia and it becomes a no-brainer! What’s more, our cups are fully recyclable, thanks to a number of collection schemes being rolled out across the UK.

So you can enjoy your hot beverage this season, safe in the knowledge that you’ve played your part in reducing carbon emissions and landfill waste.

Our cutlery:

We also source 100% sustainable cutlery from environmentally friendly suppliers.  Our disposable cutlery range is made from eco-friendly birchwood – a natural material, making the pieces fully recyclable and biodegradable.

We’ll be continuing to strive to reduce our impact on the environment in 2018 by working with all our suppliers to ‘go green in 2018’.

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