‘Go Card’ becomes a permanent fixture at Twickenham Stadium

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Following an extremely successful trial, Twickenham Stadium will operate an entirely cashless area at all future fixtures. The West Stand area trialled card-only throughout November and will continue to operate in such a way permanently, so good was the response!

The conversion from what has been historically a 50% card uptake venue to now 100% has had no negative impact on revenue. The outlets achieved their forecasted figures for each event. In essence, all cash customers converted to card without issue! This is a very positive outcome, with scope for future development further at this venue and many others.

With no cash being held on the outlets, the operation ran more smoothly than ever before. There was no requirement for milking tills, no banking of cash, or dealing with cash variances. Functioning as a card-only outlet improves operator efficiencies no end.

Going card-only also improves efficiencies for customers. Average transaction times were 26 seconds quicker on the card-only outlets. Cash and card outlets had an average transaction time of 110 seconds when accepting both cash and card, whilst card-only outlets averaged 84 seconds per transaction. We can attribute this to the speed of contactless payments as well as the elimination of counting and giving change.

Average transaction value has also remained in line with that normally seen of card transactions at this venue. Overall, the figures demonstrate that going card-only can only have a positive impact, which is great news! We’re embracing technology with Twickenham Stadium and pioneering the way forward in event connectivity. Where’s next?


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