Who should I contact in case of a problem with the system?
If you need help using the catering community, don’t delay! Email: [email protected]

Can I use the community on my mobile phone or tablet?
Absolutely! Simply download the salesforce app onto your device or open the link in the email on your device’s web browser.

Why does membership cost £50/year?
This membership allows us to streamline all information while covering all updates, system development and extra information.

Can I link my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to the catering community?
Unfortunately, social media websites currently cannot be integrated into your catering community profile.

Why do I have to upload images of my outlets?
Uploading images of outlets, food and your team helps to complete your profile and makes sure that you are eligible for all of our event jobs.

Can I still sign up if I have more than one food/drink outlet?
Of course! Just add an outlet and pick

Can I have separate logins to one catering community account?
This is not currently a feature offered with the catering community.

Why am I receiving emails about the catering community?
There are two reasons why this might be happening:
1) You currently work with us or have worked with us in the past and we would like to inform you about the change of process.
2) You have signed up to our mailing list and are now receiving our newsletters and important information.
If you didn’t sign up, please click here.

Can I apply for jobs through the catering community?
Currently, this is not a feature that is available on the catering community. However, you are able to accept job offers and organise your outlets at multiple events.

Can I contact fellow food and drink caterers through the catering community?
Currently, this is not a feature that is available on the catering community.

Why do I have to input all my data?
A complete process allows us to put your outlets forward for more jobs with less hassle on your end.

How is my data used?
Please consult our data protection policy for more information on this.


NB: While we aim to fit our concessionaires into as many events as we can, it is not possible to guarantee that registration to the community will result in an offer of work.

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