Printer not working:
Make sure the printer has its power supply plugged in and the USB cable is plugged into the back. Please check that there is sufficient paper available. If it’s still not working, reboot the till and restart the printer, then test again.

How to change printer paper:
Press the small leaver on the side of the printer to release the printer door. When inserting paper, remember to place the paper feed downwards with the spindle inside and remember to remove the old spindle also.

Closing a session:
To close a session, you will be asked to enter the value of the remaining tender in cash drawer. A ‘Z report’ will then automatically be printed.

How to produce a ‘Z report’:
A ‘Z report’ will automatically be printed when you close an active session. If this doesn’t happen, go to the reports screen from the main menu and select ‘Z report’, press the printer icon in the top right to print a copy.

How to change product pricing:
Please enquire about this at the earliest possibility. You will need to contact the specified member of staff responsible to this role.

How to check if you are receiving power:
If you are receiving power, check to see if any of the electronics (EPOS/printer) turn on (plug-in singularly if unsure), if not follow the cables to the ends and check both plugs are firmly connected and spurs/switches are switched on.

If your card machine doesn’t work:
Please reboot your till.  It it still doesn’t work, please contact us: [email protected]

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