Card Terminal User Guide



Transactions are taking too long or declining:
Check for an active network connection. On the top right of the main screen, the Wi-fi indicator should have 1-3 bars. If not, reset the device.

How to change printer paper:
On the top rear side of the unit there is a small lid, release this to access the printer roll. Remember to insert paper feed downwards with the spindle inside. Close lid.

How to produce a ‘Z report’:
On the main menu find the ‘tx management’ tab, in the next submenu is the reports tab and within there it will automatically print a ‘z report.’ *Tip: Is there enough paper in the device?

Contactless is declining:
If contactless starts to decline, the device has gone into a limited connectivity mode and its instant authorisation coverage has gone offline. Try moving device closer to the Wi-fi device and resetting unit. *Tip: Remember your logging on codes.

How to check for active network connection:
Your PDQ device should be pre-configured to attach to a network if the network is available. If the network signal has dropped from your device, try getting closer to your nearest Wi-fi device or try restarting the unit. *Tip: Remember you may need your Merchant Account ID info when logging back in.

How to check if you are receiving power:
If your device is showing no signs of life, it is likely the battery has died. Place it on a charging dock connected to external power. Then the unit should power up and you can log into the device to initialise transactions.

Card machine not working:
If your device is frozen and you cannot execute any commands on the device, remove device from its dock and remove battery from the rear of the unit. After a few seconds replace battery and power-up the device.


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